Any organization has a number of employees that lie under a number of categories, having different components of Earnings and Deductions. Payroll is governed by Statutory Regulations that are subject to change and which specify a number of mandatory forms that need to be filed by the employer every month. Our Payroll Module enables you to deal with these issues in a simple, automated manner.

Payroll Module stores the following information:

  • Employee Masters
  • Salary Details
  • Statutory Details viz. EOS, Gratuity, etc.
  • Attendance and Leave records
  • Appointments, Increments & Retirement of Employees
  • Production linked incentives

Reports Generated:

  • Employee, Department, Location wise salary details
  • Computations as per Government policy
  • Deductions and Return
  • Vacation Details
  • Incentive Details
  • Leave Details
  • Statutory Reporting as per PF, EOS, Gratuity, Bonus Norm.