While each site can manage their site as described above, with multi-site these capabilities are available from one location for the entire organisation! The benefits you get with this ease of administration are phenomenal – and you can reduce your IT administration costs.

You and your other users may need to send queries and support requests to Tally’s Customer Centre or to your Tally Service Partner. Earlier this was done by e-mail or phone – and you would need to keep track of these by memory or other systems.

Now, with Tally.ERP 9 you can send your requests from within the product – and direct these to Tally or your support partner. Responses are available here. There are other benefits as well:

• You get access to the Support Centre even on Remote! When you log-in remotely from
anywhere, you can send queries as well as see responses, including all past interactions.
• As an ‘administrator’ you can review the queries that users send – this way you know that an
issue has been escalated and that the user is interested to get his issues resolved.
• You can easily monitor the quality of service that you receive.
• You can look at issues reported and queries raised across all the sites of the enterprise – and
probably take a call that some user training is required – on the business or on the product.

The Support Centre is your gateway for help from a ‘human’. When you just cannot wait for a response, we have built (and continuously enhance) a repository of knowledge – the Knowledge Base. This is available on the Tally website as part of the customer portal.

The product comes with a detailed on-line help (press Alt-H while in Tally.ERP 9) that should be able to address your queries on “how do I do this", and “what should I do here".

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